From Villain to Hero: Turning Nonprofit Tech into a Force for Good

Looking to start an argument? Make someone cry? Clear a room?

Nonprofit technology brings up ALL the feels - and usually not in a good way. 😭

Maybe it's because your implementation of a new nonprofit technology took twice as long as expected. Or maybe it was because you were "voluntold" to handle said tech with little training or support.

💡 It's time for digital culture over innovation.
💡It's time for digital emotions over innovation.
💡It's time for humans over innovation.

Our recent LinkedIn Live explored how your nonprofit can turn technology from a big bad wolf into a force for good at your organization. Yeeboo Digital was joined by Tim Lockie, Founder & CEO of The Human Stack , as he shares his insights on embracing the human side of tech, building capacity, and achieving success.

Learn about:

- the rise of nonprofit technology options and "right fit" challenges
- tech adoption: the good, the bad, and the downright ugly
- User expectations vs. user experience; is alignment possible??
- moving away from nonprofit tech overwhelm and finding your path to digital maturity 


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What's Next?

Join us for our next LinkedIn Live;   Brand Recognition for Nonprofits: Why it Matters

Wednesday April.12th, 2023 on LinkedIn Live

Limited marketing budget. Limited resources. A lack of focus.

There are many reasons why nonprofit brand can be challenging for nonprofits in todays noisy world.

Join us as our CEO, Erik Rubadeau and Head of Digital Marketing, Trevor Ryckman, provide valuable insights and actionable tips on how to consider elevating your nonprofit brand in the years to come.