Google Analytics 4 What does it mean for YOUR nonprofit

The BIG shift is coming....

For the first time in the history of Google Analytics, everything is about to change.

Your GA setup, your data, your reports and how you measure success is all going to need to be reimagined.

As one of North America’s leading agencies focused on digital for nonprofits, we have been keeping a very close eye on this shift. We know that many organizations rely on this data to measure their effectiveness, track revenue and report back on impact.

So our CEO Erik Rubadeau and Head of Digital Marketing, Trevor Ryckman dished on GA4 and how it truly will impact your nonprofit in the short term.

We picked apart the pros/cons and what actions your nonprofit should be taking NOW to succeed in the long term.

- What IS Google Analytics 4? The background behind this shift to a new product.

- The major differences between Universal Analytics and GA4

- How is this going to impact YOUR nonprofit?

- Google Analytics 4 Lingo "cheat sheet"

- Download Yeeboo's Roadmap of Next Steps

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